Dreams are very odd… just as is the make up of the current party: odd. You have been wandering Khorvaire in search of a greater meaning to your dreams. Some call it a prophesy, others a nightmare, but nevertheless you all share it: The Lord of Fire.

The dreams are never the same, but each of you have recognized similar elements in each of them: clouds parting to reveal a ring of fire, burning slowly, then drawing close, increasing in intensity. A looming figure, calling himself The Lord of Fire, strange places, and strange faces, each looking to you for an answer, yet you have none… yet. The Lord of Fire points your attention to a burning empire… filled with smoke and brimstone. Is it Cyre? Is it Eberron? Either way, you feel your hands are the ones to build bastion against this force, perhaps stop his summoning entirely… maybe by your hands the demon falls… What is the Meaning? What is the Way?

Volume 1: The Omen. Lord of fire


Frozen Embers

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