Frozen Embers



The Next Day

After a restless night (fluff of course :)), we find ourselves lost and alone with only a chest to guide us. No one in town seems to know what happened last night. So we do the only thing we can think of and search for the owners of the chest. The markings resemble those of house Cannith. We make our way to the local Cannith workshop. Being careful with our prize, the small one is left outside with the chest and covers it in oranges so no one would suspect. The weak one comes with me into the shop. Inside we find a man named Flip. He is a marked member of house Cannith. His words sounded honest and true. We decided to trust him with our discovery. The small one brings in the chest and I grab myself an orange. Flip brings us into a back room where the chest can be opened in confidence. Inside the chest are parts that are highly prized by house Cannith and it was unusual that they were in the passenger section of the lightning rail. Once Flip opened the chest it was obvious that we were not getting the chest back without spreading Flips guts around the room. We decided that having Flip as an ally was more important than some little bits of metal.

After we leave, we decide to seek the aid of the druid we met before. He is found by his shack, however, I seem to remember him being an orc. He seems more reptilian than I remember. He gives us vague visions and a key. Who is this mysterious man?

Seeking a chance to speak with the cardinal that the emerald claw mentioned, we go back to flip for help. He tells us that a friend might be able to help us and “gives” us some funds to help us in our quest. Flips friend is a roofer and needs some help. In return for the help he promises to get us up the spire where the cardinal is. His basement has become tainted and some magic has gone awry. The magic users that should be generating tar for his business are all dead and all that remains are their creations. As we venture into the cellar we come across oily, and greasy beast. These bats were nothing but grease and could use it to redirect our blows. Not only do we encounter these oily beast but also plants that have come alive. They would grasp, squeeze and carry the weak one away. Eventually we find ourselves at the source of the demons. A room full of magic and taint, awaited us at the deepest part of the cellar. Inside a magical tar pit was unstable and ejecting men of grease. The bat seemed much stronger when it was near this pit. The fight seemed hopeless when, time and time again, one grease man was struck down another took its place. The small one discovered that the magic was coming from these sarcophagi that lined the walls. Once destroyed the pit stopped and our task was complete.

Back upstairs we were greeted with admiration and told of the plan to scale the spire. We would be hidden in crates disguised as roofing supplies. We were smuggle onto the roof of the spire. Once there, and the sun had fallen, we made our move. There were three guards on the balcony. They didn’t stand a chance when we rained down from the heavens of Flamekeep. Inside more guards were found, but also dispatched. We managed to stop them without alarming the rest of the spire. The leader had a note which ordered him to be locked outside the spire because he has lost his key. Just as he was, we were also locked out. Without an idea of what to do, we realized we had a key in or possession. Would it work? Why would it work and what does that mean? Once the door was unlocked we entered a room with a powerful priest buried in an ancient tome. The fight was tough but in the end we ultimately prevailed. Before we could catch our breath a small child enters the room. Fear grips the party. What to do? Our fears were put aside when the small girl announced herself as the high priestess, Jaela, and that she had been expecting us. She said she has visions from prayer and that we were meant to come here and liberate this book from the spire. We find out that the emerald claw exchanged this book for the extension of Tira’s day by one additional day. This book was given to us with her blessing for what ever our path is she has seen that we will need it and it is for the good of all.

Garon the Wise



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