Frozen Embers

Beyond the Well

Following the event at the spire we find ourselves looking to old friends for answers. We find Flip in the middle of a move. He seems to be busy and is unable to help us at the moment with our quest. Next in line was the druid, however, his shop was bundled up with only a note. The note read RIOS, but upon closer inspection was text guiding us to our next step. It hinted that there were two paths. One through the mountains and one through something called the The Gazing Giant which will speed up the journey. Being the patient adventurers we are we try to find the well.

Our path leads us to soldiers trying to deal with a rebellion of beggars. Their hands are tied, but would like us to do something about them. Cautiously we make our way to the cave where they are held up. The beggars in front were twisted and unreasonable. We had no choice to fight. After they were dead, we find the rest of the beggars. They claim to have been trapped and under the will of the beggars that have become tainted with a runic wall. This wall appeared to be shattered and broken with the pieces stored underneaths. We take our time and the weak one makes some incantations and fixes the wall. This unleashes a trapped crystalline beast that attacks us. At the end of the fight the wall is complete. It seems to be the well we were looking for. We march forward expecting anything. The message spoke of protectors the guard this path so we tread with care.

Across the well, we find ourselves on a mountain pass. We ponder about how we can prevent undesirables from following, but we cannot. We think we are in an area that has strong ties to the elemental plain of earth. After we have traveled for a short time, I her spoke words in the primordial tongue. They are of the protectors vowing to protect their passage. shortly after a sudden sandstorm appears and we are ambushed. Tired and exhausted we take a rest. The weak one incants some more and creates a camp sight for us. The night passes uneventfully. The guardians left a small puzzle, but it was soon solved and the path was now open. A hole in the side of the mountain lead down into a dark slippery path. We managed to make our way down without falling and by doing so we got the jump on some goo. Luckily the fight ended quickly before the goo could be used to their full potential. We rested shortly before traveling on.

Garon the wise



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