Frozen Embers

The Lightning Rail Plot Reveled

Blood and Mysteries

Tira’s Day 2 Part 2 Lightning rail

We continue our trek through the streets towards the Lightning Rail.

Encounter 1

We catch sight two emerald flame knights and two archers on the roofs. Through a barrage of explosive arrows Garon charges mauling one of the enemies in the street while my spirit distracts one of the archers. One particular well shot arrow forces my spirit to flee back to the spirit realm and in his rapid departure he rends a portion of me as well. Iron and Garon scale the walls and dispose of the enemies with ease. Thankfully these enemies have been trained well enough they don’t have to resort to such underhanded technique.

We find a gem of unknown worth and 200sp.

Encounter 2

Sneaking up on the entrance of the Lightning Rail we find it gated and guarded by two emerald flame knights and 6 guards. Iron and Garon dispose of the forces at the base of the steps while my companion harasses one of the knights. We dispose of the rest of the guards with little effort.

We find 180gp

Exploration 1

Finding the way barred by an iron gate strong enough to foil even my companions I catch sight of a service entrance 30ft up, there to hang banners probably. Iron scales the wall with ease and a little help of Garon and drops down a rope. Garon climbs up and the pair pull me up. Now within the service/ventilation ducts we make our way to the Station Masters quarters where we find the office, and the whole station in fact, abandoned. On his desk Garon finds a chest with a note and gold. The note indicates that the Station Master and all of the station should shut down the station and come to the events on the extended day of Tira. We take the chest and note, which appears to be signed by one of the cardinals. It may have been given in order to prevent the loss of life or to make the attack on the station easier or it may have been placed by the emerald flame to raise suspicions.

Encounter 3

We make our way to the loading area to find the airship aloft above one of the trains. The emerald flame has managed to rip the elemental engine out of the train and going to pull it skyward. There are quite a few archers and within the first few seconds it becomes evident that we will be unable to stop the taking of the engine take up strategic positions in the hallways after killing two of the lesser enemies. Almost immediately a pair of emerald flame burst from the train with a chest. They call out and ropes drop from the ship to hoist it up. We with a burst of energy I send my spirit out and cut them both down while Iron and Garon re enter the main hall. Two leaders on the ship call their rope tying underlings back to life while Garon charges in, again cutting them both down. While Garon and I fight to keep these two infernal rope tying minions down Iron goes toe to toe with one of the stronger knights, the two fight with the feral rage of Iron keeping him one step ahead. I am harassed and shot full of arrows while sending my spirit at the pair on the chest. These two’s souls are certainly twisted after so many trips to the afterlife and back but they finally finish their knots before finally passing away. The ship begins to fly away while Garon tries heroically to cut the lines. A call for help brings Iron and our attention now back on the battle at hand we slaughter the remaining enemies.

In the aftermath we find 200g and two magic items (lvl 5,3)

We take a well earned rest all of us so battle worn we can barely stand.

~Ronen of the Plains



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