Frozen Embers

Tira’s Day part1

Dirty Fighting

Eve of Tira’s Day

FlamekeepWe have found ourselves within the city of Flamekeep on the holy day of Tira. While moving about the crowd we were flagged down by an orc calling himself The Druid, and claims to know of dreams and things of portent. After ushering us into his Stump shaped stall, he offers to answer some of our questions for a small donation. Garon gives him a gold piece and he begins to perform a primal ritual before pulling the entrails of a rabbit. He answers Garon and Iron’s questions about the ring of fire, saying that we will come to see it tonight and that in the coming events, we can have an impact unforeseen by others.

Neither Iron nor I were not able to capture by what ritual he was able to divine this information. Regardless he poses a risk in either knowing where we might go or, in the absence of knowing of us, wishing to manipulate us there.

We left his hut to find an airship, encircled in a halo of fire, pulling up to the on of this cities Cardinal’s spires before docking. There are rumors that it may be the stolen ship “The Angel’s Wisper”.

We sleep the night outside the city, a product of the overpopulated state of the city, the dwarfs unwillingness to pay in such excess for a sub par room, and the uneasiness this ‘holy’ land feels for the shifter.

Tira’s Day 1

It is announced that the festivities of Tira’s day will be extended for an extra day. The general concesus of the city is that the ship must have ushered in some ex cardinals that have come to worship and this, along with record breaking turnout, has prompted it. The logic in this statement seems shaky at best. The minotaur fears that all participants will be ushered into the recently increased church in order to be crushed into some great crystal. His time spent in a maze guarding may have got the better of him, but I agree in sentiment. Otherwise the day passes without incident.

Tira’s Day 2

After the futility of finding our way into the temple sank in, we resolved to watch the days events from a hill outside the city.

We watched in horror as the ship from before attacked the lightning rail as we hurried to try and lend an aid.

Encounter 1

We burst into a square to find 6 archers in pairs atop rooftops harassing us with arrows and 2 soldiers with emerald flames blazed on their armor in the center. Iron and Garon engage the pair in the square while I use my spectral wolf companion to harass the rooftop archers. Iron takes quite a beating from the soldiers, who fight as dirty as I’ve seen. We vanquish all foes and continue on.

Encounter 2

Continuing beyond the square we find ourselves once again in combat, this time with a 6 well armed though lighter built soldiers and one necromancer leader. Garon and Iron both kill one before I can even summon the wolf onto the leader, only to see the leader bring one of the fresh corpses back to life. With the sent of death about him my pair of panthers bring the leaders passing. We mop up the rest of the soldiers with ease.

We find 100g

Encounter 3

Continuing our journey to lightning rail we turn the corner to have a quad of the dirty fighting bastards. They give me quite me quite a thrashing while I fight to clear my lungs of the dust they kicked into them. One eventually knocks me unconscious but though the grit my allies we emerge victorious. May these foes hands be forever backwards.

We find a potion of healing

~Ronen of the Plains



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