Frozen Embers

Beyond the Well

Following the event at the spire we find ourselves looking to old friends for answers. We find Flip in the middle of a move. He seems to be busy and is unable to help us at the moment with our quest. Next in line was the druid, however, his shop was bundled up with only a note. The note read RIOS, but upon closer inspection was text guiding us to our next step. It hinted that there were two paths. One through the mountains and one through something called the The Gazing Giant which will speed up the journey. Being the patient adventurers we are we try to find the well.

Our path leads us to soldiers trying to deal with a rebellion of beggars. Their hands are tied, but would like us to do something about them. Cautiously we make our way to the cave where they are held up. The beggars in front were twisted and unreasonable. We had no choice to fight. After they were dead, we find the rest of the beggars. They claim to have been trapped and under the will of the beggars that have become tainted with a runic wall. This wall appeared to be shattered and broken with the pieces stored underneaths. We take our time and the weak one makes some incantations and fixes the wall. This unleashes a trapped crystalline beast that attacks us. At the end of the fight the wall is complete. It seems to be the well we were looking for. We march forward expecting anything. The message spoke of protectors the guard this path so we tread with care.

Across the well, we find ourselves on a mountain pass. We ponder about how we can prevent undesirables from following, but we cannot. We think we are in an area that has strong ties to the elemental plain of earth. After we have traveled for a short time, I her spoke words in the primordial tongue. They are of the protectors vowing to protect their passage. shortly after a sudden sandstorm appears and we are ambushed. Tired and exhausted we take a rest. The weak one incants some more and creates a camp sight for us. The night passes uneventfully. The guardians left a small puzzle, but it was soon solved and the path was now open. A hole in the side of the mountain lead down into a dark slippery path. We managed to make our way down without falling and by doing so we got the jump on some goo. Luckily the fight ended quickly before the goo could be used to their full potential. We rested shortly before traveling on.

Garon the wise



The Next Day

After a restless night (fluff of course :)), we find ourselves lost and alone with only a chest to guide us. No one in town seems to know what happened last night. So we do the only thing we can think of and search for the owners of the chest. The markings resemble those of house Cannith. We make our way to the local Cannith workshop. Being careful with our prize, the small one is left outside with the chest and covers it in oranges so no one would suspect. The weak one comes with me into the shop. Inside we find a man named Flip. He is a marked member of house Cannith. His words sounded honest and true. We decided to trust him with our discovery. The small one brings in the chest and I grab myself an orange. Flip brings us into a back room where the chest can be opened in confidence. Inside the chest are parts that are highly prized by house Cannith and it was unusual that they were in the passenger section of the lightning rail. Once Flip opened the chest it was obvious that we were not getting the chest back without spreading Flips guts around the room. We decided that having Flip as an ally was more important than some little bits of metal.

After we leave, we decide to seek the aid of the druid we met before. He is found by his shack, however, I seem to remember him being an orc. He seems more reptilian than I remember. He gives us vague visions and a key. Who is this mysterious man?

Seeking a chance to speak with the cardinal that the emerald claw mentioned, we go back to flip for help. He tells us that a friend might be able to help us and “gives” us some funds to help us in our quest. Flips friend is a roofer and needs some help. In return for the help he promises to get us up the spire where the cardinal is. His basement has become tainted and some magic has gone awry. The magic users that should be generating tar for his business are all dead and all that remains are their creations. As we venture into the cellar we come across oily, and greasy beast. These bats were nothing but grease and could use it to redirect our blows. Not only do we encounter these oily beast but also plants that have come alive. They would grasp, squeeze and carry the weak one away. Eventually we find ourselves at the source of the demons. A room full of magic and taint, awaited us at the deepest part of the cellar. Inside a magical tar pit was unstable and ejecting men of grease. The bat seemed much stronger when it was near this pit. The fight seemed hopeless when, time and time again, one grease man was struck down another took its place. The small one discovered that the magic was coming from these sarcophagi that lined the walls. Once destroyed the pit stopped and our task was complete.

Back upstairs we were greeted with admiration and told of the plan to scale the spire. We would be hidden in crates disguised as roofing supplies. We were smuggle onto the roof of the spire. Once there, and the sun had fallen, we made our move. There were three guards on the balcony. They didn’t stand a chance when we rained down from the heavens of Flamekeep. Inside more guards were found, but also dispatched. We managed to stop them without alarming the rest of the spire. The leader had a note which ordered him to be locked outside the spire because he has lost his key. Just as he was, we were also locked out. Without an idea of what to do, we realized we had a key in or possession. Would it work? Why would it work and what does that mean? Once the door was unlocked we entered a room with a powerful priest buried in an ancient tome. The fight was tough but in the end we ultimately prevailed. Before we could catch our breath a small child enters the room. Fear grips the party. What to do? Our fears were put aside when the small girl announced herself as the high priestess, Jaela, and that she had been expecting us. She said she has visions from prayer and that we were meant to come here and liberate this book from the spire. We find out that the emerald claw exchanged this book for the extension of Tira’s day by one additional day. This book was given to us with her blessing for what ever our path is she has seen that we will need it and it is for the good of all.

Garon the Wise

The Lightning Rail Plot Reveled
Blood and Mysteries

Tira’s Day 2 Part 2 Lightning rail

We continue our trek through the streets towards the Lightning Rail.

Encounter 1

We catch sight two emerald flame knights and two archers on the roofs. Through a barrage of explosive arrows Garon charges mauling one of the enemies in the street while my spirit distracts one of the archers. One particular well shot arrow forces my spirit to flee back to the spirit realm and in his rapid departure he rends a portion of me as well. Iron and Garon scale the walls and dispose of the enemies with ease. Thankfully these enemies have been trained well enough they don’t have to resort to such underhanded technique.

We find a gem of unknown worth and 200sp.

Encounter 2

Sneaking up on the entrance of the Lightning Rail we find it gated and guarded by two emerald flame knights and 6 guards. Iron and Garon dispose of the forces at the base of the steps while my companion harasses one of the knights. We dispose of the rest of the guards with little effort.

We find 180gp

Exploration 1

Finding the way barred by an iron gate strong enough to foil even my companions I catch sight of a service entrance 30ft up, there to hang banners probably. Iron scales the wall with ease and a little help of Garon and drops down a rope. Garon climbs up and the pair pull me up. Now within the service/ventilation ducts we make our way to the Station Masters quarters where we find the office, and the whole station in fact, abandoned. On his desk Garon finds a chest with a note and gold. The note indicates that the Station Master and all of the station should shut down the station and come to the events on the extended day of Tira. We take the chest and note, which appears to be signed by one of the cardinals. It may have been given in order to prevent the loss of life or to make the attack on the station easier or it may have been placed by the emerald flame to raise suspicions.

Encounter 3

We make our way to the loading area to find the airship aloft above one of the trains. The emerald flame has managed to rip the elemental engine out of the train and going to pull it skyward. There are quite a few archers and within the first few seconds it becomes evident that we will be unable to stop the taking of the engine take up strategic positions in the hallways after killing two of the lesser enemies. Almost immediately a pair of emerald flame burst from the train with a chest. They call out and ropes drop from the ship to hoist it up. We with a burst of energy I send my spirit out and cut them both down while Iron and Garon re enter the main hall. Two leaders on the ship call their rope tying underlings back to life while Garon charges in, again cutting them both down. While Garon and I fight to keep these two infernal rope tying minions down Iron goes toe to toe with one of the stronger knights, the two fight with the feral rage of Iron keeping him one step ahead. I am harassed and shot full of arrows while sending my spirit at the pair on the chest. These two’s souls are certainly twisted after so many trips to the afterlife and back but they finally finish their knots before finally passing away. The ship begins to fly away while Garon tries heroically to cut the lines. A call for help brings Iron and our attention now back on the battle at hand we slaughter the remaining enemies.

In the aftermath we find 200g and two magic items (lvl 5,3)

We take a well earned rest all of us so battle worn we can barely stand.

~Ronen of the Plains

Tira’s Day part1
Dirty Fighting

Eve of Tira’s Day

FlamekeepWe have found ourselves within the city of Flamekeep on the holy day of Tira. While moving about the crowd we were flagged down by an orc calling himself The Druid, and claims to know of dreams and things of portent. After ushering us into his Stump shaped stall, he offers to answer some of our questions for a small donation. Garon gives him a gold piece and he begins to perform a primal ritual before pulling the entrails of a rabbit. He answers Garon and Iron’s questions about the ring of fire, saying that we will come to see it tonight and that in the coming events, we can have an impact unforeseen by others.

Neither Iron nor I were not able to capture by what ritual he was able to divine this information. Regardless he poses a risk in either knowing where we might go or, in the absence of knowing of us, wishing to manipulate us there.

We left his hut to find an airship, encircled in a halo of fire, pulling up to the on of this cities Cardinal’s spires before docking. There are rumors that it may be the stolen ship “The Angel’s Wisper”.

We sleep the night outside the city, a product of the overpopulated state of the city, the dwarfs unwillingness to pay in such excess for a sub par room, and the uneasiness this ‘holy’ land feels for the shifter.

Tira’s Day 1

It is announced that the festivities of Tira’s day will be extended for an extra day. The general concesus of the city is that the ship must have ushered in some ex cardinals that have come to worship and this, along with record breaking turnout, has prompted it. The logic in this statement seems shaky at best. The minotaur fears that all participants will be ushered into the recently increased church in order to be crushed into some great crystal. His time spent in a maze guarding may have got the better of him, but I agree in sentiment. Otherwise the day passes without incident.

Tira’s Day 2

After the futility of finding our way into the temple sank in, we resolved to watch the days events from a hill outside the city.

We watched in horror as the ship from before attacked the lightning rail as we hurried to try and lend an aid.

Encounter 1

We burst into a square to find 6 archers in pairs atop rooftops harassing us with arrows and 2 soldiers with emerald flames blazed on their armor in the center. Iron and Garon engage the pair in the square while I use my spectral wolf companion to harass the rooftop archers. Iron takes quite a beating from the soldiers, who fight as dirty as I’ve seen. We vanquish all foes and continue on.

Encounter 2

Continuing beyond the square we find ourselves once again in combat, this time with a 6 well armed though lighter built soldiers and one necromancer leader. Garon and Iron both kill one before I can even summon the wolf onto the leader, only to see the leader bring one of the fresh corpses back to life. With the sent of death about him my pair of panthers bring the leaders passing. We mop up the rest of the soldiers with ease.

We find 100g

Encounter 3

Continuing our journey to lightning rail we turn the corner to have a quad of the dirty fighting bastards. They give me quite me quite a thrashing while I fight to clear my lungs of the dust they kicked into them. One eventually knocks me unconscious but though the grit my allies we emerge victorious. May these foes hands be forever backwards.

We find a potion of healing

~Ronen of the Plains

A Holy Start

The dreamYour paths have all arrived in the nation of Thrane, on the outskirts of Flamekeep, the nations capital. The murmuring of the nation’s greatest day happens to start at the dawning of tomorrow’s sun: Tira’s Day, the one day a year the nation floods the City, hoping to catch a glimpse of the silver flame that was created on this day…

For a spiritual day there is tension in the air, maybe you brought it, maybe only you feel it. This is starting to look up.. or are you all just turned on your heads? Divider


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